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The Age Of Poneros (DVD)
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"The Age Of Poneros"

Written and Directed by Cassie Shea Watson

Twelve year old aspiring author Christopher Shawn Watts, who goes by the pen name C.S. Watts, is up for the coveted title of 2015's Future Author of America. But his chances are dashed and demolished by his little sister Lyra, who also serves as the inspiration for all the evil characters in his stories. A week after his dreams were crushed in spectacular fashion, he has just put the finishing touches on his latest masterpiece. Take a journey into the imagination of this little boy, to the magical world of Vesica, where creatures from many galaxies must band together to defeat Poneros, the Evil One, who threatens to destroy the Universe.

This is an edited version of the performances that took place on Friday, June 19th, and Saturday, June 20th, 2015.