PED Class

Welcome to Performer's Edge Dallas!

Performer's Edge Dallas offers training in the performing arts, from voice and singing to acting for theater, film, and television. We are based in the North Dallas area and offer private voice lessons and acting classes that provide a focused, yet fun, environment to sharpen one's skills. Private one-on-one lessons are offered to children ages 5 and up for both singing and acting. On-camera group acting classes are also available for young adults interested in training for film and television.

Voice Lessons

Voice Lessons are taught by Performer's Edge Dallas founder Cassie Shea Watson. Lessons are customized for each student based on individual needs, with a focus on techniques that teach voice strengthening, listening, and performance. The Performer's Edge Dallas philosophy of learning is that a relaxed atmosphere in which a student feels free to experiment and make mistakes leads to the most productive and efficient learning. This results in confidence and joy in singing. If you have a voice, we will teach you how to use it.

Acting Classes

Acting Classes at Performer's Edge Dallas provide students with what they need to build a strong foundation in the visual arts. As with all private lessons at Performer's Edge Dallas, each student and his/her level of experience is taken into account when providing material and planning lessons. This specialized individual training is designed to focus on the exact tools they need to grow as an actor in film, television, commercial, and theatre. We will work with students and parents to prepare them for the world of acting. How to get an agent, how to audition, how to act on a shoot... we will answer all the how to's. Group workshops are available for specific ages also. See our Acting Classes page for more details.

If you have any questions about any of our classes, please feel free to contact us!